SOLIMAC GROUP which consists of 6 companies,

1. B&B SOLIMEC CO.,LTD. manufactures and distributes coated abrasive products, industrial tools for assembly and tightening, and hot melt glue.
2. SOLIMAC CO.,LTD. manufactures and distributes of hydraulic and pneumatic products. Moreover, the company also imports and distributes wood-working machinery.
3. SOLIMAC AUTOMATION CO.,LTD. is the leading machine vision and automation technology distribution company for both components and solutions.
4. SOLIMAC VIETNAM CO.,LTD. refer to an introduction of AEC which will be applied by end of 2015, SOLIMAC GROUP has seen its opportunity and set up SOLIMAC VIETNAM to support it changes. SOLIMAC VIETNAM has established on January 2015 distributing all SOLIMAC GROUP’s products.
5. SIAM COATED ABRASIVE CO.,LTD. is the joint-venture company between B&B SOLIMEC CO.,LTD. and NORITAKE COATED ABRASIVE CO.,LTD. from Japan located in Amata City Rayong Province. The company manufactures jumbo roll coated abrasive products and sell to B&B SOLIMEC CO.,LTD. as well as export to oversea market.
6. GLOBAL MARKETING INTELLIGENT CO.,LTD. with the rapid growth in Myanmar economy for the past decade, SOLIMAC GROUP has seen this opportunity to expand. Therefore, the group has cooperated with Thai Businessman who has lived in the country for more than 10 years to established company in Myanmar since December 2014 to distribute industrial and construction products in Myanmar.